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Build Authentication with NextJS and NextAuth v4

This article describe process of creating reusable nextjs and nextauth authentication with credential provider. Created app with let you bring your own database for credential verification.

Data Visualization with React and Nivo

This tutorial will walk you through creating a responsive PieChart which is rendered as SVG and dynamically changes based on input from select element. Example uses static data sets to visualize data on the chart

Learn How to Build Multitenant Application with Mongo and Node

Multi-tenancy software architecture is a type of architecture where single application instance can serve multiple clients. We will build app with node where we can simulate multi-tenancy concept. After reading this you should have clear idea how to implement it in your project

Software Architecture Multitenancy vs Single Tenancy

Multi-tenancy is a software architecture that let a single software deployment serve multiple tenants. Application resources are shared among all tenants however, each tenant has guaranteed data isolation and privacy.

Build Elegant Forms with Formik and TailwindCSS

Use formik to speed up your development, reduce code, scale your forms and, handle validation. Collection of utility classes TailwindCSS will give your forms elegant and simple look and let you to style them in efficient way. Tools that every web developer should know

Build Forms Efficiently With Formik

Building forms can be sometimes challenging. In this tutorial, I will describe how we can design reusable form components with the implementation of formik lightweight library which can help us to speed up the process of building forms for our application.

Build Forms with React-Hook-Form

React Hook Form adopts the use of uncontrolled inputs using ref instead of depending on the state to control the inputs. This approach makes the forms more performant and reduces the number of re-renders.

Render PDFs within React

Document Format (PDF) - developed 30 years ago still exists and is one of the most widely-used documents formats. There are many reasons why people still prefer to use them such as the widely supported document format which works is compatible with many devices and apps, and the content always remains the same format

Upload Files with React and Multer

Multer is a node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data, which is primarily used for uploading files. It is written on top of busboy for maximum efficiency.